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Get soft, rosy pink lips with Flabelle Natural Pink Lip Cream: Product Review


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Some people are born with natural dark lips, dark Lips are caused by variad medical and physical (lifestyle).

What you will get for using Flabelle Natural Pink Lip Cream
What you will get for using Flabelle Natural Pink Lip Cream

Dark lips may be caused by

– Smoking Cigarettes

– Constant lip sucking

-Lack of hydration

-Excessive consumption of cofee

-Allergic reactions to creams, lipstick, some lip balms or lipsticks.

With all the natural remedies and many creams put on shelves , the result of having soft, rosy pink lips seems far fetched .

However,  i came across this cream which in a week, can give u  amazing results.

Flabelle Natural Pink Lip cream is made from organic ingredients, put together to give their clients their desired pink lips.

This product has won the hearts of many consumers in Cameroon and Africa at large as a result of its effectiveness and no side effects.

The instructions of using the cream are very simple. All that is required is to apply regularly

Many have testified of how effectiveness of this lip cream and i had to try it and trust me when i say its 100% good, affordable and very much effective.

For all purchases and orders.

Contact : +237 676873239



Runway models
Runway models

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Modelling has become one of those professions most young girls and boys in and out of Cameroon aspire to join. If you walk to most schools today, you will hear the children tell you they want to be models be it runway models, beauty models, fashion models, photography models etc. Most however, want to be known as runway models which IS all about trends, style and idealized vision of beauty and glamour.

But, little do people or most of these aspiring models know about the discipline and challenges that pros have to endure in order to be in the business and keep doing what they do. Most of these things however go a long way to have some negative effects on their health both physically and mentally.

I put up this article for both parties, that is, the older models who are already in the profession to act  as a form of reawakening and also for the teenagers who are thinking of joining the industry to prepare themselves physically, mentally and emotionally to handle everything that comes with this profession because this particular subject has been proposed by many and I don’t really know why but I think the profession is revolutionising and many are getting it so it’s just cool that they know what they’re getting into. So below are some of the challenges models go through.

  1. Unhealthy weight control practices which leads to eating disorders and loss of appetite. This is one of those things models suffer from. They’re told not to eat certain types of food just so that they don’t grow fat, grow out of shape, or probably add some pounds. And having these unhealthy weight control practices and eating disorders and loss of appetite can cause gastritis because you have to skip meals at times, or eat just once or eat little. Now eating disorders doesn’t only come with gastritis because you skip some meals, it goes way beyond that and expect to suffer from;
  • Severe Dehydration which could lead to kidney failure
  • Abnormal slow  heart rate and very low blood pressure
  • Fainting, fatigue, and weaknesses,
  • Muscle loss and weaknesses
  • Dry hair and skin etc
  1.   Severe back pain and sprained ankles. This is so common especially with runway models who have to catwalk on stage looking very thin but putting on shoes as tall as from 10 inches and above which is quite disturbing. This is in that, your weight is not evenly distributed, as in all your weight goes down to your legs to carry more than the normal weight it has to carry. And you can never detect what’s going to happen to you and seriously when you fall on those heels, you hurt your ankles so badly. With the back pain,  it’s not strange that heels help to shift your spine forward from its original position just so that you can balance, the shifting of your spine, will definitely cause you to have severe back pain after shows.

3. Sexual abuse. This is a  topic many refuse to talk about but like it or not, this happens in the modeling industry. I’ve seen girls who look beautiful, slim and who can definitely rock the runway and other areas of modeling but they refuse to do so, and when I ask why? Same answer they give me, they don’t want to sleep with anyone to go to the top. This is disturbing and I just wish the law in every country tries to look into this because it’s growing by the day and since these  models want to earn a living, become famous and popular, they try to cover up these things but it’s killing them silently inside. No one needs to be abused just so that they get to the top. And a study by Model Alliance proved that 80% of models experience sexual harassment. And these people who do it, are so comfortable and forget the effects its having on these models though they don’t say it. They are not well both physically, mentally and this in the long term will disturb their health. These are some of the things they suffer from.

  •  Depression and anxiety
  • Poor self esteem and Body Image. They feel like they’re not good enough that’s why they have to be abused to be given stages
  • Insomnia. Many stay up at night thinking about the act continuously and don’t sleep. And lack of sleep is bad for the health because you’re stressed out, sleep disappears and this comes with long term effects
  • Out of control stress hormones pop up. Cortisol is a well known stress hormone that in found in the body which is released each time we’re stressed, depressed or too anxious. Cortisol dysregulation is bad for the heart.
  • We become locked up and have bad relationships out of our own built walls. Many victims begin to see human beings different with so much hatred in them.
  • PTSD also known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. People who have suffered from sexual harassment can suffer from things like anxiety, flashbacks, stomach problems, panic attack etc.
  1. Low self esteem issues or problems which lead to depression, anxiety which leads to a mental issue. A model once revealed that in that industry, you have so many haters and other ideas. Many will tell you to do this and that to get to the top, others will shame your body that it’s not perfect and many other things. This goes a long way to disturb models psychologically as they always want to meet up and be the best and to get criticism always is just disturbing. And when depression and anxiety sets in , as said earlier, cortisol is being elased and this is hormone which controls your mood, motivation etc. A release of cortisol is dangerous for the body and also kills what motivates you.
  2. Modelling is demanding and entails a lot of work to get the right posture, the right steps when you’re on the runway and many others. This doesn’t only chop off time but it entails that models work for longer hours. Working up to 15 hours a day is bad for the health and this comes with a lot of negative effects;
  • Many lack sleep and always experience fatigue during the day
  • Turn to alcohol to relax themselves and their nerves which is the worst decision ever.
  • Your heart is overworking which in the future may lead to stroke, heart failure etc.
  • You will have serious joint pains, back and neck pains as well
  • Depression is easy to set in because you become a slave to your own self


Okay so here are some of the five challenges I gathered. But mind you, I’m not saying modeling is bad, I just want you to understand that as you celebrate it, or aspire to join, have it in mind that you have to face most of these thing and so you should prepare yourself before getting in, and if you’re in already and going through most of these, seek for advice and speak out.  It’s very important.

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Belly fat
Belly fat

Belly fat has been one of those issues most men and women are trying to get rid of everyday and this has made many people google to look for answers and solutions. Belly fat is simply  excess abdominal fat particularly known as visceral fat, which surrounds the liver and other organs in your abdomen and puffs your stomach into a “beer gut” or “beer belly” .


If you follow my blog I have a detailed post on the causes of belly fat for both men and women. You might want to check it out so that you keep yourself in check and know what is causing your belly fat so your workout won’t be in vain.


Just to note that belly fat can be caused by many factors like excessive alcohol consumption, poor diet, lack of physical exercises, stress etc and it has some negative effects to your health like it  can actually give you stroke, type 2 diabetes, colon cancer, sexual dysfunction, arthritis, sleep apnea, heart disease etc.


I’ve had many people walk up to me and they ask what my secret was in maintaining a flat tummy and in this article I’m going to tell you exactly what i tell others when I get the opportunity to do so.

So below are some killer exercises to get rid of visceral fat fast and bet me if you take this serious, you will begin to see results in a week.







You’ve probably heard of this before and i’m going to talk about it here again. Planks are like the most effective exercise for cutting  down belly fat. Looking at the picture, these are the steps to follow:


Step 1

You have to lie down Lie face down with your forearms on the floor and your elbows directly beneath your shoulders. Keep your feet flexed with the bottoms of your toes on the floor.

Step 2

Clasp your hands in front of your face, so your forearms make an inverted “V.”

Step 3

Rise up on your toes so that only your forearms and toes touch the floor your body should be a few inches off the floor in a straight line from shoulders to feet.

Step 4

Draw your navel toward your spine and tighten your buttocks. Look at the floor to keep your head in neutral position and breathe normally.

Step 5

Hold for at least 30 seconds and lower yourself back to the floor.


After doing all, you should be in this position like what is being shown on the picture. And this will definitely work out your whole system but it have much effect on your abs and your belly.

2) Leg Lift

Leg lifts
Leg lifts

This exercises works your abs and concentrates on your stomach to get the perfect results. It’s a very simple exercise, so how do you do it?

Step 1

Lie down flat on your back facing the sky

Step 2

Gently lift up your legs mid way in the air and let it rest on the air fo 5 seconds

Step 3

Gently lift up yourself from the floor, that is your shoulders should leave the floor while your butt remains on the floor to help in balancing. But in some cases, you can still lie down on the floor and not necessarily lifting up your shoulders but try lifting it up a little bit to get perfect results

Step 4

Your hands should be straight and facing in front. You then stay in this position for 30 minutes of every workout, relax by laying down and go back to your initial position.

This should do the work.

3) Touch your Toes or Jack Knives


This is pretty much an  easy exercise and it works your abs so well. This is how you do it but before that, make sure you grab a mat where you can lay on.

Step 1

Lay down flat on your back facing the sky with your legs slightly apart but you can still close your legs if you want.

Step 2

Now you lift up yourself from the ground and touch your toes. Make sure in the course of doing this, you don’t lift up your legs. Your legs ought to remain on the floor and all you do is get up and touch your toes and lay down.

Do this exercise for 30 seconds.

Feel free to add the seconds as you improve daily

4) Kickouts/ Seated V-ups

In this exercise, this is what is expected of you

Step 1

Sit up and raise your legs while supporting yourself with your hands on the floor.

Step 2

Bring your legs closer to your chest as though your pulling it from the front and after doing so push your legs forward again.

You do this in and out as though you’re kicking someone in front of you for 30 seconds for beginners and do well to increase it as times goes on.

Don’t forget to always look at the images for better understanding and positioning.

5) Crunches

Heel crunch
Heel crunch


There are so many types of crunches like the basic crunch, vertical leg crunch, reverse crunch, long arm crunch, bicycle crunch etc  but we will focus on the heel crunch. So how is it done? Let’s get to that

Step 1

Lie down on the floor facing the sky with your knees bent and your feet touching the floor but they should be some inches apart and your arms extended on both sides of your body

Step 2

Now slide to the left side and use your left hand to touch your left heel while exhaling, stay in that position for like 5 seconds and return back to your original position while inhaling.

Step 3

Do same for your right side by crunching to the right side, and touching your right heel while exhaling. Remember to always inhale when you return to your original position.

Step 4

Now repeat this same sequences over and over until you hit the desired target and get the right results. Remember you can increase the speed at which you crunch to both sides to touch your heels.

That is it for the heel crunch and this should give you the effects for that belly.


6) Seated Bicycles

Seated bicycles
Seated bicycles

This is a killer exercise and it works not only your abs and cut down belly fat, but it definitely works out your arms as well. Remember have a picture of an invisible bicycle in your head. You want to try it?  ok then let’s do it.

Step 1

Sit Upright, lift up your legs, crunch them into your skin preparing to paddle

Step 2

Your hands should be on your head but you can still choose to put those arms on the floor if you find it difficult to balance.

Step 3

Now with the notion of you riding a bike, paddle your legs in a regular motion over and over. When you do this effectively, you feel your tummy crunching as though something is pressing it down, your abs become really stiff and belly fat has no choice but to run away.


Alright then, these are the six killer exercises anyone with a beer belly should do always an i mean everyday. It will help in bringing down that mountain belly in no time. But, remember, you can do all the exercises stated in this article and even more from other sources but still maintain a beer belly this is true in that, you were just born with fat in your system as in it’s in your genes, or you just have hormonal imbalance, and  if you don’t watch what you eat, if you keep stressing up your self, no results will be found, if you don’t do exercises nothing will happen. So remember eat healthy, stress less and exercise more and your belly will be as flat as mine.

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Fufu is one those nourishment that is eaten alongside vegetables, soups etc in most parts of West Africa like Ghana and Nigeria. It is highly consumed in Cameroon especially by the bayangi people who use it to complete their traditional meals alongside eru or tanchot soups.



Fufu and Eru
Fufu and Eru

Fufu is made from cassava where by the peeled cassava is  left to ferment in water for days before its being washed using a strainer. Fufu can be stored in bags, in containers or refrigerated.

Fufu production
Fufu production

But now, the issue has always been and the debate still continues, most homes in which I’ve lived in, children were asked not to eat fufu which the notion that it gives typhoid and the adults were allowed to eat fufu with the notion that their systems are stronger, and they can withstand some things which children couldn’t. Don’t know if this was a good decision.

But as time went on, I became scared of eating the fufu as well with the fear that maybe the bacteria is piling up and one day the typhoid that may strike me may be unbearable. But little did i know Fufu does not give typhoid.


Typhoid is caused by Salmonella enterica serotype typhi bacteria or by Salmonella paratyphi a related bacterium. This bacteria stays in the human body and spreads to most of our organs like the blood streams and that’s when it begins to react. Typhoid is not spread by animals but by human beings and this can be passed in several ways. You can have Typhoid by drinking or eating the bacteria in contaminated food or water.


I mentioned earlier that to make fufu, cassava is being allowed to ferment for days in water before it’s being washed. What will make a human being contract typhoid is when the water used in making the fufu or cooking the fufu is not clean and contains this bacteria mentioned above.


This is one of the cheapest things in the market and fufu is no doubt good for the body because it’s rich in Carbohydrates and supplies enough energy for the body, its high in potassium and has low cholesterol. But if fufu is properly taken care of, you won’t enjoy these benefits.


That’s why i’m urging us all to strive for cleanliness and watch the water we use in making a lot of things like washing vegetables, fruits. Because dirty water causes typhoid and many other things. Fufu is good but not too much of it, of course you don’t want to be extremely and exaggeratedly fat but it does not cause typhoid, what will make you think fufu causes typhoid is the water we use in making it. And most of our African societies don’t use clean containers and water that’s why the bacteria freely enters the system and the next thing we’re so sick and throwing up with infected intestines and this can easily be passed on.


Hope this article was helpful to you, and if you have anything to share please feel free to do so in the comment section and don’t forget to share with many in order to create more awareness. Challenge yourself today and go to areas where they make fufu and tell our mothers who sell in the markets the right hygienic measures to use wen making fufu. You may just save a life.

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Welcome to Flavine Blog


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Hello and a big welcome to my blog, I’m called Flavine Tabe and I’m so happy you passed by .It’s been a dream of mine to share my knowledge of what i know concerning health, Nutrition and of course skin care and beauty. Growing up as a young lady I had a lot of skin care issues and I had no idea if it was the food i was eating, the products i was using, my environment, if I needed some workouts or not and that pushed me to a lot of research, ask questions from professionals and because that helped me a lot, i decided not to keep the knowledge but share.

You’ve probably visited sites with a lot of information but I promise you that most of the things I will share here is what I’ve experienced before, i learned a lot because some came with negative effects while others came with positive effects and i will love to create that awareness.

So if you’re visiting my blog for the first time, please don’t forget to subscribe and share with others the amazing packages we got in here. Feel free to write to me your worries, suggested topics you will love for me to explore and i’m here just to serve you. Once more you’re welcome and I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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One of the things that cause some people not to smile in pictures is because they aren’t proud of their choppers. But if you’re one of those who have problems with smiling in photos because your brown fangs won’t let you, we’re here to help you.

I remember back in secondary school, my teacher walked into the class and asked us all to smile, when some people didn’t smile he was so furious and told them to walk out. While they were about going out, he laughed so hard and told them they don’t brush their teeth that’s why they were not comfortable showing them to their friends. Lol

Someone ask me months ago what I do to maintain clean white teeth, I told her though i follow my normal routine of brushing my teeth at least twice a day, the was one thing i used as well to lighten up my teeth. What I told her is exactly what I’m going to share here today.

You need just two ingredients, Baking Soda and water.

Baking Soda and Water
Baking Soda and Water

Baking soda is known to be a little abrasive which can clean out yellow stains on your teeth.

Baking Soda is an excellent ingredient to exfoliate and has whitening properties. In that light, it can help whiten your teeth and remove the yellowish color.

Also, baking soda can prevent bacteria from growing in your mouth because it creates an alkaline environment in your mouth .


Though science has not really proven that using Baking soda will whiten your teeth or get rid of bacteria and plague, many studies and individual testimonial has proven that this actually works.


If you use toothpaste that was made with baking soda as one of its ingredients, the result is always different because this toothpaste has the ability to clear and brighten your teeth than any normal toothpaste.


Studies have also shown that toothpaste with a high concentration of baking soda can remove plaque from our teeth. So if you’re shopping next time, look at the toothpaste which contains baking soda.


So how does this work?


  1. Mix not more than 2 tablespoons of baking soda and water, make sure you get a paste with the same texture like toothpaste, not too thick, not to watery.
  2. Use this paste and brush your teeth morning and evening. You can do this as many times as you want in a week and in less than no time. 
  3. You can brush with the help of a toothbrush or better still, use your finger and rub the paste to your teeth, and massage gently.Get ready to have that sparkle in your mouth.


My advice for everyone who meets me is this, when you are dealing with natural products,  the is just one word, patience. You need to use it for a while and then see results. Don’t use baking soda for one night and expect a miracle, do it for a week and you will be shock with the outcome.


Was this helpful, Let me know your views on this.

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Soft baby hands over night
Soft baby hands over night

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Are you in that group of people with dry and rough hands, Are you ashamed of shaking hands with people especially the opposite sex because you may be asked if you sweep the streets everyday due to dry palms, well I have been in that group and I’m gently leaving that group (Oh yes). You may ask me how? Well I will tell you. Hi I’m Flavine, your beauty tips girl and today we’re going to be talking on how to get soft baby hands overnight.


Our hands have been neglected most often and don’t get the right attention they deserve. They are like a gateway to everything that we do. We use them to eat, work, bathe and rub our bodies and many other things but we neglect them often.

What you need to know is that dry hands can be caused by a lot of things and you should know how to deal with it normally or seek medical advice. So what causes dry and rough hands?

  1. Dry hands can be caused by the products we use on your hands. Since we use our hands to rub, the creams we use can have an effect on our hands, they may be too harsh and not very good for our hands and in turn, they tend to harden them and make them really dry.
  2. The type of moisturizers that we use. Most often you will read on google that use this moisturizer and it will keep your hands soft, but little did we know that, all skin types are not the same and these moisturizers may just end up irritating our hands, and drying them up.
  3. What we do everyday especially at work can cause dry hands. If you’re a nurse and constantly have to wash your hands to attend to patients, this can cause dryness in your hands, if you work in a saloon and have to touch so many products, don’t be surprise to get dry hands, and if you’re exposed to hard labor like road builders, construction sites workers and in the factory, you should understand it’s not easy and these things cause dryness and hardening of hands.
  4. Also, the change in weather is another thing, the cold weather comes with a lot of dryness and our hands which is always exposed fall prey to this  and if you don’t learn how to moisturize and and keep your hands covered, you may suffer from dry hands,
  5. Dirty hands too have a tendency of being dry. As a Cameroonian, eat fufu and don’t wash your hands well, carry those same hands and eat bread and chocolate, or go and sweep the floor, you won’t like your hands in one week.
  6. And, medically autoimmune disorders like diabetes can cause hand dryness because they decrease the level of blood circulation flowing to their hands making them dry. And, Eczema can cause skin inflammation, which can make the hands dry, skin peeling and cracking.

The list is too long but I will end here.


So how do we cure this? Let’s get started:

Ingredients :




-Olive oil

-Vaseline or hand cream,

-Gloves or Socks.

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly after a busy day with clean water and soap
  1. washing of hands

    2. Mix two table spoons of sugar( it can be brown or white) with one tablespoon of olive oil and mix to get a paste.Olive oil has moved from just being in our kitchen to be used as one of the best moisturizers and skin care ingredient known world wide. It is known for its several health benefits and one of the best moisturizing products out there. Sugar on it’s part is an excellent exfoliate. Due to its little abrasive and rough nature, it can take out any form of dead skin cells on your hands.

    Mix Olive Oil and Sugar
    Mix Olive Oil and Sugar

    3. So after making your scrub, rub it on both hands and together, you massage gently in a circular motion for more than 5 minutes.

    Scrub your hands with the paste in a circular motion
    Scrub your hands with the paste in a circular motion

    4.Wash it off with clean water and pad dry your hands with a clean towel.

    Rinse hands and pad dry with a towel
    Rinse hands and pad dry with a towel

    5. Now if you can’t get a hand cream because some of them are very expensive and the cheap ones may not be very good, get Vaseline and gently rub on your hands and  into your fingers for a while. It’s OK to rub up your hands as well.

    Use a hand cream or Vaseline to moisturize
    Use a hand cream or Vaseline to moisturize

    6. Put on your gloves  and go to bed. And if you don’t have gloves, look for a clean pair of socks and use.

    Put on gloves or socks and go to bed
    Put on gloves or socks and go to bed

Wake up and get those soft soothing hands you desire. You won’t believe your hands.

Remember your skin types are not the same so maybe you may try this and it doesn’t work. You may just be someone with naturally dry hands and that’s not a problem. Be happy for who you are.

Note that having dry hands, does not mean your ill and need to go crazy by looking for a doctor, home remedies and hand creams can do the magic. But, if you realize extreme cases like severe itches and  hand bleeding, it may be time to see your doctor for medical advice and help.


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Oh my!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been there, know how it feels and suffered the humiliation. Growing up as a young girl, the worst feeling is to feel less about yourself. I was one of those girls back then in Secondary school who wore shoes and socks always and will never put on sandals. Many just thought i hated sandals but that was a  fat lie, I was just too ashamed of letting them see that i had cracked feet like a grandma who works in a cocoa plantation. (lol)

I remember back in the days, I wore sandals for my first time and my classmates won’t stop talking about my cracked feet, some stared at it, others pitied me, some were disgusted and the was a lot of murmuring. I swore never to wear sandals again. But today  I can rock my sandals with no fear, Do you know why, I got rid of those cracked feet and I’m going to share my secret with you all.

Before i jump into telling you how i cleared my cracked and rough feet, one thing you need to know about dry and cracked feet is that it’s been caused by many factors like;

  1. Dry skin. This is the most basic thing that causes your feet to crack up. If you’re like me who have very dry skin, you might want to pay more attention to your skin by always moisturizing, if not, you will have to wear shoes for the rest of your life.
  2. The types of soaps, and creams we use on our feet. I mentioned before that all skin types are not the same. What works for you may not work for me. So we have to be care with the types of creams and soaps we buy because some of them just end up irritating our skin the more and causes dryness and skin changes.
  3. Medically, illnesses like eczema, diabetes and athlete’s foot can cause cracked feet regularly and if not at least once in awhile.
  4. Change in weather. The rainy season which is our cold weather season in Cameroon can cause dryness in the skin and the feet is not left out. If you don’t learn how to moisturize during this period then be prepared to suffer.

And the list is very long. So how did i get rid of my cracked feet very easy.


  • Warm water
  • Shampoo
  • A pumice stone
  • A pair of Socks

These four tools will work the magic.


  1. Pour a reasonable quantity of shampoo into the warm water and mix
  2. Dip your legs into this solution and wait for 10 mins.
  3. At this point, your feet would be a little soft and every dead skin is ready to be washed off. Get your pumice stone and start scrubbing your heels. Do so for a long while until you’re satisfied with what you see. Instantly you will see a change. You will realize that the cracked lines are closing up and the water becomes dirty.
  4. Rinse your legs with water and pad dry. Apply any moisturizer  that works best for you but I will recommend either Vaseline or olive oil.
  5. Put on your socks and relax. This is really good overnight.

The pumice stone acted as an exfoliating tool which removes all dirt, and dead skin around that area and heals up the cracked areas. A pumice stone is pretty cheap in Cameroon and with just 250FCFA, you can get one.

Pumice Stone
Pumice Stone

Try doing this at least twice a week and use the pumice stone each day when having your bath, use the pumice stones and scrub your legs. This will make the treatment work faster and best results will be seen within a very short period of time.

What I do now is this, though i have no cracked feet, a pumice stone does not lack in the house and even those at home are thanking me for bringing it because it helps a lot. So you should also think of getting yours.


Was this article helpful, share your view with us and let’s know if this helped you and if you have any other idea, feel free to add in the comments section below.

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I have made my blog my personal journal because this  is where I get to share all my experiences freely. Acne is caused by a lot of things, maybe as a result of hormonal imbalance, allergic reactions to some things and products and also, when our pores are clogged up with make up, bacteria or dirt, and when this happens you get a pimple and if your face keeps experiencing this, it develops to acne. Acne is natural at times and shouldn’t make you feel like you have a deadly disease. Though sometimes you feel pains, itches, and some irritations from your face but that isn’t the end of the world.

I started having pimples which developed to acne in my early teenage years as early a 12 years old. This tiny stuff started coming out of my face and everyone thought it was just probably heat rashes and it will stop. But little did they know it was more than that.

Acne spread all over my face and i couldn’t explain it. My family did everything possible to help out, we were advised to do everything. Never will i go out without someone saying “oh I know how you can get rid of this, try this and that.” We got all the creams in the market and tubes but nothing helped my case. It will irritate my skin more and will increase the acne.

As a young girl I was so ashamed of myself. I will literally sit in class and cover my face because i couldn’t face anyone. I will not interact because i fear they may make me feel less because my face was not as smooth as theirs. I will go as far as blaming God for making me this way. (lol)

Whether we accept this or not, these things happen to our children and they are disturbed emotionally and their self confidence and self esteem dies.

When i was in upper sixth, I told myself that no one will make me  use anything on my face again. I stopped using all the medications, creams and products on my face.



When i took the decision to stop using these products, i dedicated myself to cleaning and taking care of my face. And at that point in time, I forgot I had anything on my face, I started interacting more, and though i still had acne on my face, the was a difference. And that difference shockingly brightened up my gloomy face.  Aside from that, these were some of the things I did to clear my acne.

  • Firstly, I made sure I kept my hands off my face. If you have acne try taking this number one tip very serious. Our hands our very important because we use it to do everything. We use our hands to greet people always, pick things up and down, clean, work, and we carry germs in the process. Our hands are very dirty at times though we don’t see it most at times but they are dirty. And when we touch our face, we dumb some of the dirt and this stays on our face all day, the sun comes in contact with this dirt and the moisture on our face becomes too much and something else.We do this everyday and every time and in that light, acne is inevitable. So if you have acne, try keeping our hands clean and keep them off your face.

    Keep your hands off your face
    Keep your hands off your face
  • The second thing you want to do is always exfoliate your face. I’m not saying go get this products or ingredients that celebrities deceive you with online and on your TV screens, NO I’m not saying that. Try getting some hand gloves.

    Exfoliating hand gloves
    Exfoliating hand gloves

These hand gloves help to uncover the beauty underneath your skin or face. Oh yes it does. Most of these hand towels we get in the market and shops all in the name of “face towels” are good but they don’t dig down into our skin to remove dirt particles, bacteria and any other thing beneath. This hand gloves has been a lifesaver. Every morning and evening when i come back, I wash  my face using it and you can tell the difference because the face feels fresh and super clean..

  • The next thing I did to get rid of my acne, I stopped sleeping with my makeup on. Many of you may say, my skin is different I can sleep with my makeup on, but this isn’t good because when we sleep at night, that’s when our skin has the opportunity to regain it self, and repair all nutrients that we lost during the day and keep our glow. That’s when our pores have the opportunity to open up.  But when we sleep with make up, our pores are clogged and locked up and no room to open up, so instead of it opening up, make ups takes its place and the next thing that follows is acne.

    Don't sleep with your makeup on at night
    Don’t sleep with your makeup on at night
  • The next thing I did was, I stopped using creams and  cheap products on my face. Some of these products just go to irritate the skin. I can recommend  just washing your face and letting it be for the night so your pores have the opportunity to open up. Some of you however may have very dry skin and may need to moisturize, try using just a little bit of coconut oil or olive oil on your face. This helps to keep the skin soft. But you don’t want to use much of it because an oily face is as bad as sleeping with makeup.


These were some of the measures I took and I can remember very well when I got into the University around the second semester of my first year, my secondary school mates were so surprised. Many of them could not believe my face, some of them will approach me and ask what I used on my face and I will tell them nothing, all i did was take more care of my face.

Today I can use some natural products like aloe Vera just to keep the glow and maybe get rid of any little dark mark i see. But for starters and if your case was as bad as mine, you might want to try these few steps I’m giving and let’s know the results. Remember it’s not a one day thing Its a whole process and patience is needed.

Remember, if you’re out there reading this, don’t let anything on your body make you feel less, you are beautiful and the is no other you but you. No one can take your place. So build up your confidence, don’t isolate yourself, don’t let depression kill you because, when you’re depressed, the acne adds. Get up and face the world.

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Dark underarm, before and after

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Hey guys!!!!!!!! Welcome to my blog and if this is your first time, please don’t forget to subscribe and share. OK let’s jump straight into today’s business. I always tell the truth here in my blog so that you know these are not lies or things i just come up with.


I have been suffering from dark underarms for a very long while and i will hate to put on short sleeves because i fear my underarms are going to be exposed. But today, i can do so because as compared to before there has Been so much improvement and that’s why I’m sharing with you, and i hope it works well for you guys as well.


Note that having dark arms is not a disease that you should panic or rush to a doctor for help. This is just an irritation on your skin and can be treated with home remedies. Except otherwise then you should consult a doctor.


Before I jump into letting you know how to clear dark underarms, i will like to highlight some of the causes of dark underarms so that you’re aware and try to avoid it when you’re carrying out your treatment. You don’t want to go back and forth with these things.

Dark underarms can be caused by so many things.

  1. The different types of products we use on this part of our bodies. Mostly deodorants, sprays, etc. some of these products are so harsh that they irritate the skin and and they start causing discolorations like darkening your underarms. So if you’re among those who use these products so much directly to your skin, you need to think again.
  2. Dark underarms can appear as a result of dead cells that have accumulated in that area.
  3. Dark underarms can be caused as a result of  shaving. Oh yes I have been a victim of this, each time I use the poor methods of shaving, the next thing is, i feel like i have little wounds under my arms and the next day everywhere is dark. And what most of us do to worsen the situation is that, immediately after shaving, we apply harsh creams under our arms, and go as far a applying roll-on, deodorants and sprays which just irritate the skin the more.
  4. Also, using some shaving creams can cause dark underarms.


OK now that you know some of the reasons why you’ve been having dark arms, I will move straight ahead, into letting you know what I’m using and how it’s helping me. Remember I’m the biggest fan of natural products.


I used just two products which are, Baking Soda and Lemon.

Baking Soda and Lemon
Baking Soda and Lemon

These two products are like magical tools for the skin. Combining these two babies  will work wonders. You don’t need to go to large beauty shops and spend thousands of francs to clear off you dark underarms, just rush to the supermarket or our regular markets and get these two.


You may ask but why these two what do they contain? I WILL TELL YOU.

Baking Soda is an excellent ingredient to exfoliate your skin and to exfoliate means the removal the outer layer of dead skin cells. And because Baking Soda is not smooth and a little rough, it will remove all dead skin cells under your arms. Remember i said earlier that dark underarms are as a result of dead cells that have accumulated due to one reason or the other.


Lemon on it’s part is very good because it lightens  and brightens the skin. Lemon contains Vitamin C and is acidic which helps in removing dead skin cells and decrease pigmentation. It is also a very good ingredient to exfoliate the skin.


Now that you know their capacities, lets know how to use them.

  1. Create a paste by taking not more than 2 tablespoons of Baking soda and mixing it with some few drops of lemon juice.
  2. Apply this under your arms and massage in a circular motion.
  3. Leave it on for 10-15 mins and rinse it off with clean water. You can choose to moisturize with either Olive oil or coconut oil or better still don’t.


Combining Baking soda and Lemon is good because, the baking soda exfoliates and removes dead skin, while lemon acts as a bleaching agent and clears every discoloration.


Do this twice a week and don’t go trying to do it everyday because you might irritate your skin the more. Just mark this routine on your calendar.


Note; Never apply Lemon to your skin directly because the high concentration of acid might cause irritation to your skin and might in turn burn your skin or cause skin dryness. That’s why you mix it with baking soda and try to moisturize.


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