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Ndip-Agbor Flavine is my name and I hail from Manyu Division in the South West Region of Cameroon. I am 22 years old and I’m a graduate from the University of Buea, I studied Journalism and Mass Communication with a minor in Management. As a journalist, my dream has never really been to sit in front of the Camera or use a microphone, I love the online media and all i ever wanted was to own my own platform online and make my own brand known.

       Many may ask but Flavine you’re a journalist not a doctor, a fitness trainer or food and nutritionist. True but when you are passionate about something, these barriers does not limit you. I am more of an investigative journalist in these spheres.

I’m presently  working with Nerco Group as their Marketing Director. My field as an effective communicator makes it easier for me to get clients to buy whatsoever good or  service they are selling or offering.

The journey of my life just began and i hope you join me in this journey.


  • To raise confident people by giving them the necessary tips for getting the body type they want.
  • To raise a healthy African generation with an awareness about the food they eat, how to preserve it and the nutritional value of almost everything they eat.
  • To raise a generation of flawless men and women who can take care of their bodies, dress well and look beautiful not necessarily for someone but for themselves.

My Objective Is centered around bringing solutions to the unending needs of people. There are a lot of people who are not satisfied with their body, there are a lot of people who are satisfied yet will love to get better with their bodies. This is where I come in, to share my own stories, encourage them and give them all the advice they need to get that which they want. Same goes for food and nutrition, people just eat whatever they see at any point in time, this is good and bad. Some people want to add weight while others want to cut down, this blog is here to make everyone get the right thing to do.

Knowledge is the key and this blog aims at sharing that knowledge with everyone.

If you’ve had skin care issues before like me, then you will understand that there are a lot of people out there who want to clean or get rid of one thing or the other to make themselves flawless, that is why we’re here to bring solutions to these many problems that people face and  make sure people walk around healthy and feeling good about themselves.