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Hey guys, do I have some heels lovers around? Well i’m a heel lover and i’m definitely around. Many women however shy away from heels due to one reason or the other. Many don’t put on heels because they haven’t actually mastered walking in heels, some are just scared they may fall. Others just think they’re too tall for heels,but no matter the case, heels are a true fashion “must have”.


There are so many different types of heels in the market that can comfortably suit any girl. Heels ranges from: Kitten heels, pumps, stilettos, wedge heels, wedge sandals, ankle strap heels, cone heels, slingback heels, platform heels, high heel sandals, peep toe heels, cork high heels, high heeled boots, ankle booties, spool heels, mules, ballroom dance shoes, cut out heels, corset heels, french heels, oxfords, chunky heels, comma heels, espadrille heels, fantasy heels, and many others.

All heels in one picture
All heels in one picture

Though these heels come with blisters, back ache, over-stretched and compressed leg pains, research has shown that up to 42% of women worldwide have declared wearing heels  because they’re cute. How cute are they? Let’s find out;


  • Heels are transformative items that can add a little extra to just about anything you wear. I couldn’t agree less. If you’ve taken note, heels do make a less fancy dress look fancy. It makes an ugly dress look fashionable. A simple outfit accompanied by heels, turns you into an instant model and your own stylist. These babies can make any outfit and I mean any outfit look fabulous and adds so much to the way you look.


  • Heels forces the body to tone up and out emphasizing your breast and butt. Heels forces women to walk straight and upright and this makes their feminine attribute pronounce more. As women, our breast and butt are very important and every woman loves to know these two parts are intact and pronounced.


  • Heels  defines your curves and lifts your butt. Like i said earlier, heels not only emphasize your butt but they help in lifting it because each time we’re on heels, we’re always trying  to be straight and this pushes our butts behind and this is already a workout we are not even aware we’re doing.
  • Heels elongates your legs and makes your legs look well toned than they actually are. This is because, you’re always striving for a balance so you avoid bending your knees. And in the course of trying to keep a balance, we shape our curves and our outfits help define them better.
  • Research has shown that ladies who were flats ( low shoes) look too simple and more like men. Meanwhile, ladies who love rocking heels are more feminine. This is true in the way they walk on heels; their shorter strides and these helps them swing their hips.


  • Heels make you look classic and responsible. Have you seen two bankers; one on heels and the other one on flats  in their lovely suits on a Monday morning heading to work? You can tell the difference of who is more classic than the other.


  • Heels help you fit in any society. Whether you were born poor or not, or you are celebrity or not,  there are some parties and get-together that will warrant you to put on heels and not flats. Imagine you going to the Grammy’s on flats, like “what the hell” that’s a no no. Or going for a fancy dinner or date, you might want to put on those shoes now and start practicing.


That’s it for this article and if you were having doubts about heels, you give it try because i can assure you, you will look awesome and don’t know what some people will do on their wedding day. (lol)

Let me know your views on this and let me get your  suggested topics. And I’m promising to do a write up on how to work on heels for all the beginners so you can get yourself looking feminine and fabulous.


But remember, in as much as i love heels and support the idea, I won’t advice you to stay with them for a whole day, this will be bad for your health and feet. And if you have any medical condition that hinders you from stressing your system, please forget about heels and follow your doctor’s advice.

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