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Most often as human beings life hits us hard and we find no need to laugh or even smile. We let our problems get the best of us and we are so carried with the activities of our life that we forget the effects this is having on our body.

We have a lot to do each day, go to work, go to the market, take care of kids, trying to please everyone, trying to met up with deadlines and all of this is taking the fun out of our lives. Nothing seems funny to us anymore. Our faces may crack when we smile because they have been formed so hard that to see us laughing has become a taboo. But do you want to know one way to relieve yourself off the stress? LAUGH more and worry less.

Research has shown that laughter helps in improving our health like it supports the heart and helps out with our social life.

It’s not new that children turn out to laugh more while adults don’t really have that time to laugh. Children are young, naive and innocent and don’t know  how this world operates, while adults are experiencing life and have so many responsibilities on their shoulders to deal with.

Many may say but you don’t know what I’m going through and the responsibilities I have. I may not know all, but i know you can make life easier for yourself by laughing more. After doing some research and seeking medical advice, I’m going to show you some of the benefits you are missing if you don’t learn how to laugh.

  • Health wise, laughing helps in reducing stress. This is the shocking thing we don’t know about our bodies, when we are so stressed up, hormones like cortisol increases and this is dangerous for our health. But a little laughter helps to increase endorphins which are health enhancing hormones. This all boils down to having a strong immune system and frees your system from certain diseases. So you might want to start laughing more.


  • Laughing is another form of exercise. Have you noticed that when you have a hard belly laughter you feel light and relieved. Laughter is like working out your system and this works  your diaphragm, works out your shoulders and exercises the heart and leaves your muscles so relaxed.


  • Laughing expands and stretches your lungs and stimulates homeostasis which replenishes the cells from a lungful of oxygen.


  • Laughing acts like another form of distraction. When you are faced with difficult situations and a lot to do, you can turn to laughter as another way to relax. Get out of things you have to do. Hence, laughter can act as a good way to distract yourself.


  • Laughter helps to calm a tense atmosphere. When everything around you seems like it will soon pop like a balloon, a little bit of laughter calms down a tensed atmosphere and brings about more understanding. It stops certain things from happening and a prolonged issue might just end.


  • Laughing brightens your face and makes you look younger. A person who is always angry, stressed, easily irritated, tends to have wrinkles fast and such people always look older than their mates. Laughing often brightens your face, makes you younger and makes life easier.


  • Laughing most often helps you release emotions. There are people who are good at holding things back and piling up situations they could have dealt with. Laughing most often helps you get rid of all negativities, grudges and emotions that you have within you. Laughter helps you let go of so many things.


  • A person who laughs often has the tendency of having more people around them. A grumpy person scares people away from them. Look around you, a cheerful person draws more people closer to them because people can easily relate with them than someone who laughs less. So if you’re wondering why people isolate you, check your facial expression and how often you laugh.


  1. Attend comedy shows. In Cameroon and all over the world comedians are organizing shows whereby people can go and relax after a stressful day. You might want to buy tickets and attend some of these comedy shows often.
  2. Watch funny movies, TV series and shows. The internet has come and Youtube has made life easier. You can watch so many things on your TV screen and online that can brighten up your day.
  3. Use your life experiences and laugh about it. Instead of worrying about yesterday and what you will do tomorrow and the responsibilities you have, you can take advantage of  these situations and laugh out your lungs. What is suppose to kill you, can help you.
  4. Try hanging out with friends and, colleagues and family members who always change a tense atmosphere. We all have that one friend, one colleague, or one family member who is like our personal clown and knows how to change the atmosphere completely. Try being around them most often.
  5. Go out and relax more with that special one in your life because they know how to hit the right spot and make a gloomy day looked like sunshine.


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