Soft baby hands over night
Soft baby hands over night

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Are you in that group of people with dry and rough hands, Are you ashamed of shaking hands with people especially the opposite sex because you may be asked if you sweep the streets everyday due to dry palms, well I have been in that group and I’m gently leaving that group (Oh yes). You may ask me how? Well I will tell you. Hi I’m Flavine, your beauty tips girl and today we’re going to be talking on how to get soft baby hands overnight.


Our hands have been neglected most often and don’t get the right attention they deserve. They are like a gateway to everything that we do. We use them to eat, work, bathe and rub our bodies and many other things but we neglect them often.

What you need to know is that dry hands can be caused by a lot of things and you should know how to deal with it normally or seek medical advice. So what causes dry and rough hands?

  1. Dry hands can be caused by the products we use on your hands. Since we use our hands to rub, the creams we use can have an effect on our hands, they may be too harsh and not very good for our hands and in turn, they tend to harden them and make them really dry.
  2. The type of moisturizers that we use. Most often you will read on google that use this moisturizer and it will keep your hands soft, but little did we know that, all skin types are not the same and these moisturizers may just end up irritating our hands, and drying them up.
  3. What we do everyday especially at work can cause dry hands. If you’re a nurse and constantly have to wash your hands to attend to patients, this can cause dryness in your hands, if you work in a saloon and have to touch so many products, don’t be surprise to get dry hands, and if you’re exposed to hard labor like road builders, construction sites workers and in the factory, you should understand it’s not easy and these things cause dryness and hardening of hands.
  4. Also, the change in weather is another thing, the cold weather comes with a lot of dryness and our hands which is always exposed fall prey to this  and if you don’t learn how to moisturize and and keep your hands covered, you may suffer from dry hands,
  5. Dirty hands too have a tendency of being dry. As a Cameroonian, eat fufu and don’t wash your hands well, carry those same hands and eat bread and chocolate, or go and sweep the floor, you won’t like your hands in one week.
  6. And, medically autoimmune disorders like diabetes can cause hand dryness because they decrease the level of blood circulation flowing to their hands making them dry. And, Eczema can cause skin inflammation, which can make the hands dry, skin peeling and cracking.

The list is too long but I will end here.


So how do we cure this? Let’s get started:

Ingredients :




-Olive oil

-Vaseline or hand cream,

-Gloves or Socks.

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly after a busy day with clean water and soap
  1. washing of hands

    2. Mix two table spoons of sugar( it can be brown or white) with one tablespoon of olive oil and mix to get a paste.Olive oil has moved from just being in our kitchen to be used as one of the best moisturizers and skin care ingredient known world wide. It is known for its several health benefits and one of the best moisturizing products out there. Sugar on it’s part is an excellent exfoliate. Due to its little abrasive and rough nature, it can take out any form of dead skin cells on your hands.

    Mix Olive Oil and Sugar
    Mix Olive Oil and Sugar

    3. So after making your scrub, rub it on both hands and together, you massage gently in a circular motion for more than 5 minutes.

    Scrub your hands with the paste in a circular motion
    Scrub your hands with the paste in a circular motion

    4.Wash it off with clean water and pad dry your hands with a clean towel.

    Rinse hands and pad dry with a towel
    Rinse hands and pad dry with a towel

    5. Now if you can’t get a hand cream because some of them are very expensive and the cheap ones may not be very good, get Vaseline and gently rub on your hands and  into your fingers for a while. It’s OK to rub up your hands as well.

    Use a hand cream or Vaseline to moisturize
    Use a hand cream or Vaseline to moisturize

    6. Put on your gloves  and go to bed. And if you don’t have gloves, look for a clean pair of socks and use.

    Put on gloves or socks and go to bed
    Put on gloves or socks and go to bed

Wake up and get those soft soothing hands you desire. You won’t believe your hands.

Remember your skin types are not the same so maybe you may try this and it doesn’t work. You may just be someone with naturally dry hands and that’s not a problem. Be happy for who you are.

Note that having dry hands, does not mean your ill and need to go crazy by looking for a doctor, home remedies and hand creams can do the magic. But, if you realize extreme cases like severe itches and  hand bleeding, it may be time to see your doctor for medical advice and help.


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