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Beer is one of the oldest and most consumed alcoholic drinks worldwide. Beer is brewed in many ways and several ingredients can be used when it comes to beer. Some companies used cereal, wheat or even rice and the process comes out with what many consume.

Anthony Martin advises moderate consumption of beers and to be consumed carefully. This isn’t new to many as most of our alcoholic drinks in Cameroon carry the slogan “drink responsibly”.

Beer has been condemned by many as bad for the health and others have used the bible to back up those claims. Many doctors and specialist have proven beer has calories that help in weight increase.  And many people just refuse to consume beer because it doesn’t taste good to them. But little did they know they were avoiding some health benefits many get from consuming beer.

Remember we’re talking about moderate consumption of beer and not going all night drowning yourself in a pool of alcohol. A reasonable quantity is just enough for you that is, one drink per day for women and up to two for men. Now what are the health benefits of consuming beer you may ask? Most of these results came from the celebration of national beer day last year.

  • Consuming beer can guarantee stronger bones. Oh yes, a study in 2009 revealed that elevated level of silicon intake in beer guarantees a higher bone density. This what people who consume beer enjoy as compared to those who don’t.
  • Beer keeps you kidney healthy and prevents Kidney stones.  A study years ago proved that people who consume beer are more likely not to develop kidney stones as compared to those who don’t. The water and alcohol in beer helps individuals urinate more and urine is being diluted making impossible for kidney stones to think of developing. A final study by Dr Tero Hirvonen of the National Public Health Institute of Helsinki whereby he used 27,000 middle-aged young men concluded that, kidney stones can be reduced by 40 percent with the consumption of a bottle of beer.
  • Beer can protect individuals from heart attack and keeps your heart healthy. Though wine has been said to reduce a lot of cardiovascular diseases like heart attack, beer has up to 48% of doing so as well. It is known that heart attacks are caused when artery walls become furred-up with cholesterol and other fatty substances. Beer drinkers have 40-60% of not developing heart issues which is not the case of those who don’t consume beer.
  • Beer can also ease digestion. Beer contains close to one gram of soluble fiber in most 30cl of a glass as compared to wine and other alcoholic drinks. These fibers helps in stopping deficiencies in our intestines and system which could lead to constipation or diarrhea. The presence of this fiber in beer eases digestion and breaking down of food in our system.
  • Beer can actually make you lose weight. I know this is a shock to many who have blamed pot bellied men and attributed it to excessive beer consumption. But that isn’t really true. Beer have fewer calories than most of these fruit juices we see on the shelves and counter of super markets. Scientists have also discovered years back that a compound known as Xanthohumol can lower an individual’s chances of developing a metabolic syndrome which indicates high blood sugar, obesity, elevated blood pressure.
  • Beer can give a glowing skin. Good news to us ladies. This is true because beer has some vitamins that can renew and regenerate our skin, making it look softer, younger and smoother.

Well these are some health benefits of beer and if you hate beer, you might want to think again. But remember this is just for moderate consumption, don’t go about soaking yourself in alcohol all day, all night long. That will kill you in less than no time.


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  1. U really surprised me about alcohol intake benefits. All had ever thought of was that way just for pleasure and has little or no good health benefit. Am really overwhelmed that has up to six health benefits. Thank U for this. More of u.


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