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I have made my blog my personal journal because this  is where I get to share all my experiences freely. Acne is caused by a lot of things, maybe as a result of hormonal imbalance, allergic reactions to some things and products and also, when our pores are clogged up with make up, bacteria or dirt, and when this happens you get a pimple and if your face keeps experiencing this, it develops to acne. Acne is natural at times and shouldn’t make you feel like you have a deadly disease. Though sometimes you feel pains, itches, and some irritations from your face but that isn’t the end of the world.

I started having pimples which developed to acne in my early teenage years as early a 12 years old. This tiny stuff started coming out of my face and everyone thought it was just probably heat rashes and it will stop. But little did they know it was more than that.

Acne spread all over my face and i couldn’t explain it. My family did everything possible to help out, we were advised to do everything. Never will i go out without someone saying “oh I know how you can get rid of this, try this and that.” We got all the creams in the market and tubes but nothing helped my case. It will irritate my skin more and will increase the acne.

As a young girl I was so ashamed of myself. I will literally sit in class and cover my face because i couldn’t face anyone. I will not interact because i fear they may make me feel less because my face was not as smooth as theirs. I will go as far as blaming God for making me this way. (lol)

Whether we accept this or not, these things happen to our children and they are disturbed emotionally and their self confidence and self esteem dies.

When i was in upper sixth, I told myself that no one will make me  use anything on my face again. I stopped using all the medications, creams and products on my face.



When i took the decision to stop using these products, i dedicated myself to cleaning and taking care of my face. And at that point in time, I forgot I had anything on my face, I started interacting more, and though i still had acne on my face, the was a difference. And that difference shockingly brightened up my gloomy face.  Aside from that, these were some of the things I did to clear my acne.

  • Firstly, I made sure I kept my hands off my face. If you have acne try taking this number one tip very serious. Our hands our very important because we use it to do everything. We use our hands to greet people always, pick things up and down, clean, work, and we carry germs in the process. Our hands are very dirty at times though we don’t see it most at times but they are dirty. And when we touch our face, we dumb some of the dirt and this stays on our face all day, the sun comes in contact with this dirt and the moisture on our face becomes too much and something else.We do this everyday and every time and in that light, acne is inevitable. So if you have acne, try keeping our hands clean and keep them off your face.

    Keep your hands off your face
    Keep your hands off your face
  • The second thing you want to do is always exfoliate your face. I’m not saying go get this products or ingredients that celebrities deceive you with online and on your TV screens, NO I’m not saying that. Try getting some hand gloves.

    Exfoliating hand gloves
    Exfoliating hand gloves

These hand gloves help to uncover the beauty underneath your skin or face. Oh yes it does. Most of these hand towels we get in the market and shops all in the name of “face towels” are good but they don’t dig down into our skin to remove dirt particles, bacteria and any other thing beneath. This hand gloves has been a lifesaver. Every morning and evening when i come back, I wash  my face using it and you can tell the difference because the face feels fresh and super clean..

  • The next thing I did to get rid of my acne, I stopped sleeping with my makeup on. Many of you may say, my skin is different I can sleep with my makeup on, but this isn’t good because when we sleep at night, that’s when our skin has the opportunity to regain it self, and repair all nutrients that we lost during the day and keep our glow. That’s when our pores have the opportunity to open up.  But when we sleep with make up, our pores are clogged and locked up and no room to open up, so instead of it opening up, make ups takes its place and the next thing that follows is acne.

    Don't sleep with your makeup on at night
    Don’t sleep with your makeup on at night
  • The next thing I did was, I stopped using creams and  cheap products on my face. Some of these products just go to irritate the skin. I can recommend  just washing your face and letting it be for the night so your pores have the opportunity to open up. Some of you however may have very dry skin and may need to moisturize, try using just a little bit of coconut oil or olive oil on your face. This helps to keep the skin soft. But you don’t want to use much of it because an oily face is as bad as sleeping with makeup.


These were some of the measures I took and I can remember very well when I got into the University around the second semester of my first year, my secondary school mates were so surprised. Many of them could not believe my face, some of them will approach me and ask what I used on my face and I will tell them nothing, all i did was take more care of my face.

Today I can use some natural products like aloe Vera just to keep the glow and maybe get rid of any little dark mark i see. But for starters and if your case was as bad as mine, you might want to try these few steps I’m giving and let’s know the results. Remember it’s not a one day thing Its a whole process and patience is needed.

Remember, if you’re out there reading this, don’t let anything on your body make you feel less, you are beautiful and the is no other you but you. No one can take your place. So build up your confidence, don’t isolate yourself, don’t let depression kill you because, when you’re depressed, the acne adds. Get up and face the world.

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